BREAKING RECORD: 5 places in 1 day


After what seemed to be a long and dreadful semester of being a 3rd year medical student, I have finally had the chance to exercise thy freedom of excitement! Yes! No more books to read! No more sleepless nights! No more research papers! No more 10 hour duties with toxic patients! No more alarm clocks!


Since it was my post birthday, my bestfriend, Eviejoy, decided to take me out on a date. Wohoo, another B and B moment. It was like a you-deserve-a-break and catching up date and was partly a treat for my birthday even though she already drowned me with birthday surprises.

On our way to our destination, it was a nostalgic feeling to be back in Gaas and experience the rollercoaster ride of twist and turns, of direct assaults and downhills once again. With Cebu’s scorching weather, I really missed the cool wind carressing my cheeks and the white fogs blocking the road. When I breathe in, it’s like I am breathing in the laughter, thoughts, memories,  joys and moments I shared with this lass a few years back!

First stop: Buwakan ni Alejandra

After Sirao Flower Garden, the newest tourist destination that Cebuanos is crazy about is Buwakan ni Alejandra.


Upon entering the garden, you will see the colorful varieties of different types of flowers. Too bad we can’t afford to have a drone to really let you see the whole garden but it’s a beautiful sight I tell you!


By just looking at it, it has really been carefully planned and designed. I love that the owner made sure to create foot paths in the garden. This way, you can’t accidentally step on the plants and flowers.




Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another”

And, the good thing about these flowers is that they bloom all year round so everyone can visit the place anytime in its full glory. I’d give this place a thumbs up! A must visit especially to those who love flowers and plants!

Second stop: Balwarte Alfredo

This location may not be on most folks listings when looking for a stopover but I recommend this hangout place called “Balwarte Alfredo”. At first sight, I thought this was a coffee shop but it was actually a place where you can do mostly anything. By anything, I mean you can eat and have snacks (they have a mini sari sari store), do pictorials and just enjoy the place itself.


I love that the house is old but preserved.

Thankfully, a caretaker was willing to take good pictures of us. He was really polite and accommodating as well.


The frustrated blogger Haha

I love that the doorway looks warm, cozy and rustic appeal. But for real, I didn’t notice the hanging rope above my head until now. That looks eerie though. Huhu.


The ever beautiful, funny, smart, talented, and God fearing mademoiselle


Hanging out under this little hut

Third stop: Tops of Cebu

It was already right on time for lunch and Joy decided to treat me at this new talk-of-the-town restaurant just beside Tops lookout. They call this stunning mountain-top restaurant “Tops of Cebu”.



As soon as we got there, the place welcomed us with a breathtaking view!



A panoramic and expansive view of the place ❤



After lunch, we found this beautiful spot where you can appreciate the widest view of Cebu city. It’s actually risky so girls and boys, don’t ever try this without supervision and ninja skills. Hahahaha!


Joy catching invisible fishes


You definitely have no idea how we created our own improvised tripod. Haha.

This picture speaks so wonderfully about the beauty of all of creation that God has made- the breathtaking view of Cebu city where many memories are created and this girl next to me, my Bestfriend for life. #BFFL (I can’t wait to share our new hashtag)


We actually saved P100 from entering Tops lookout. Thank you God for letting us see the city’s undeniably wonderful skyline for free. 🙂

Fourth stop: Il Corso

After the scrumptious lunch, we headed towards South this time. What my mind was thinking during our travel was the transition from cold to unpleasantly warm and humid air. I wasn’t actually ready to let go of the weather. However, I was still excited to know where my bestfriend will take me.


The blue skies, the big white clouds and the sea! Ahhh. It’s the complete opposite of the majestic mountains and the cold weather in Balamban but both are undeniably stunning! I can’t really find the exact words to describe the beautiful place but all I can say it’s amazing.



There were already 2 early locators in the place, Parilya and Gusto Mare. We didn’t really went inside because we were still full but they really look nice from the outside and I can’t wait to also try the dishes they offer.

We also found a tall tower. It was still unfinished but I’m sure it’s going to be the next tourist attraction.



It’s certainly far away from the city, but the view made it worth it.

Fifth stop: Cafe Berry

Our last stop was Evie’s (she’s my walking itinerary) favorite hangout place. Many times did we plan to chill at Cafe Berry but there’s always a conflict in our schedule. Finally, I can now say that I’ve been here!


Once you get inside you will really see the cafe’s concept that is distinctly Korean. I must say I was surprised to see that it is exceptionally spacious and huge and the interior is soooo cute! I love everything inside- the environment, the ceiling designs, choice of furniture and to the lighting fixtures.


We had Strawberry Frappe and Blueberry Frappe


Wow, te. Nahihiya naman ako sayo. Hahaha!


New drink to crave on! 😦


Back to Evie’s place

We watched a love story movie but got knocked out and wasn’t able to finish it. What we thought we still had the sufficient energy didn’t happen. Nonetheless, it was still a good and cute movie. Haha!


Funny fact: We actually had a total of 5 make up touch ups in between location. It was a breaking record! Hahaha!

Phew! Long day, right? All of it was unexpected. I never thought it would unfold exactly like it because all the places we’ve been to were not planned ahead. Indeed the best things in life are unexpected! Thank you dear God for another memorable moment to look back. The unexpected turn of events really left me smiling the whole week. Thank you for the time well spent with my best friend!

“It’s not that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it’s your best friend who is your diamond. It’s your best friend who is supremely resilient, made under pressure and of astonishing value. They’re everlasting.”

Proverbs 27:9
“Oil and perfume make the heart glad, and the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel.”





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