An Open Love Letter To You


Dear future partner,

Statistics show there are seven billion people in the world. Seven billion people with different names, different faces, and different perspectives. Some of them are happy, some are confused, some are hurting, and some are indifferent. There are seven billion people in this world. Quite a big number, yet amazingly one of them is YOU.

Perhaps, I’ll meet you in a little coffee shop where I usually study and burn candles for the next dreadful exams, perhaps I’ll meet you at your favorite bookstore, in a church event where I see you worshiping and praising, in a random gathering where unnoticeably we exchanged smiles and laughter or perhaps at my favorite restaurant or like the usual stories in movies where we just bump into each other and capture each other’s thoughts and leave each other’s deep impression. I don’t exactly know where I will be meeting you but maybe, just maybe, you are just a quaint for all these years and you might be reading this right now. I just do not know but one thing’s for sure, God is full of surprises especially when you make Him write your love story.

I may not know who you are yet- your name, your smile, albeit I’m pretty sure you have that lovely face. However, those physical features won’t matter because I know what I’m going to adore about you is your love and burning passion for Christ. There’s nothing more manly on this earth than a man who is so in love in Christ and is fully surrendered to His will. Don’t you worry, all the things that we have been doing alone for quite a long time will soon come to an end and we’ll be finally doing things together. We’ll get awkward on our first date together, hang out with our friends together, eat lots of good food together, conquer our first long hike together, watch our favorite bands together, get a closer and better view on our big smiles, have deep conversation with about anything, go to church and worship God together, pray together, cry together, laugh together, dance and kid around whenever we want to, exchange each other’s Iloveyous and finally use the Iloveyouitmakesmecrazycryhappy. Yes, that wonderful feeling of warmth and sometimes chill, the feel of crazy butterflies in our stomachs. I am more than excited to know that we will feel “kilig” all the days of our lives until we meet at the altar and exchange not only our “I Love Yous” but our “I Dos.”

Always know that I am earnestly and constantly praying for you. I am preserving my heart for you and how lovely it is to think that you would also wait and pray for me. Wait ‘til the right time comes. At this moment, let’s just make God our partner for life before and after we find each other. Let’s wait patiently, pray fervently and start preparing ourselves to be the “right one” for each other. Let us enjoy this season of singleness because when the long wait is over, it will be a meaningful start of our amazing journey together and I’m sure you’re going to love it. You’ll be the happiest man on earth just like the happiest woman that I will be.

To my dearest future partner, there are seven billion people in this world. Many of them could have my heart right now, but I choose to wait if waiting means having our happy ending together with you and my God above.

Your future princess ♥

24 thoughts on “An Open Love Letter To You

  1. aysabaw says:

    Baka magkita kayo sa fishball stand o kaya sa may ihawan o kaya sa bus terminal or UV express terminal 😂😂😂😂 jk….mukhang may iaa ditong punong puno na ng pagmamahal pero wala pang mapagbuhusan 😂😂


  2. akongaito says:

    Reblogged this on P.S.A. and commented:
    To my dearest future partner, there are 6 billion people out there who could have my heart right now but I choose to wait if waiting means having our happy ending together with you and my God above.


  3. Street Trekker says:


    How are you doing at this time?

    It’s been 4 or 5 years since College…

    I hope you’re doing well…

    You write with so much passion, It made me hooked in your journeys and entries

    The thrills of your writings with the right mix of religiosity and uncertainty definitely sparks the minds of its reader, capturing the ordinary day to day essences of life.

    It reflects the true nature of being a human, yet it teases once mind a bit to reach higher potentials and aspire once dreams.

    You are indeed, a one of a kind blog maker.

    I do pray that you’ll meet him one day. I would be very happy for you and I do hope you would be a successful doctor someday.

    Continue to inspire others with your one-of-a-kind, thrilling and imaginative pieces that reflects a portion of your life, but touches other lives in a simple way, yet with a sweet ending…

    Until Then.

    Best Regards

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Frenzy says:

    I really do love this article.. Can i share it or use it in my project? Im so inspired to make my own version through this article. Thanks a lot. Keep inspiring.


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