We are God’s delight

Ever felt so horrible trying your best to do the right thing in order to get something but it didn’t end up the way you planned it?

Let’s say, I have this friend who studies a lot but then doesn’t get a good grade meanwhile her classmate keeps on partying, sleeping and worst, cheating yet gets the good grades. Or is this you working so hard to pass on an interview but wasn’t accepted yet a friend without putting so much effort unexpectedly got the job. Is this you following all the rules during your pregnancy, she didn’t, and you found out that your baby has some congenital anomaly? Is this you praying for this lady for years but she still doesn’t picture her life with you?

“That feeling when we obey Jesus but we feel like the road we are going into is wrecked with heartbreak.”

This sentiments seem so familiar and is something we’ve all experienced, right? It’s truly difficult when we are doing the right things, and we see people doing the wrong things receiving the blessings that we desire. Whatever the circumstance, it’s common to compare and wonder what God is doing for others and not doing for us.

Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the lord's purpose that prevails.Proverbs 19-21

The Bible teaches us that God does answer our prayers (John 16:24). But there are a few things we have to be reminded at:

  • God’s answer may not always be what we were hoping for and it is always His purpose that prevails.
  • His answer sometimes is simply a “NO.”
  • His answer might be something we’ll never completely understand.
  • Always remember that His answer is always the BEST answer.
  • Always check your motives.

He loves us dearly, and His answers to our desires, longings and prayers are always what we need … even if they’re not necessarily what we want.

So… Is God even in control? Does He care about you…about me?

YES. YES. and a YES. There are things in our lives that we want to take over. We want to make our own rules. But stress relief always starts with letting God be God. The concept of the control of God over everything is called the “sovereignty” of God. Nothing gives me strength and confidence like an understanding of the sovereignty of God in my life. I hope you have this understanding, too. Always know that God is in complete control of every molecule in the universe at every moment, and everything that happens is allowed by Him for His own perfect purposes.

Does He care? Take a minute to count your blessings. Maybe we are so focused on other’s lives that we forgot that we’ve been blessed countless of times. Maybe we’re not contented with the life that we have at the moment. Maybe we have been carrying wrong motives all this time.


There are a lot of verses that God says we are His delight, His beloved. When we measure our circumstances or compare our blessings to that of another, it is so easy to feel slighted, overlooked, and even abandoned. But when we open our eyes to the grand story happening all around us, we see the beauty that leaves us speechless. Yes, God delights in me. He delights in you. He is a good God that loves you dearly and blesses you no matter what you did or didn’t do. Not an obligatory love, but a love that delights in who you are.

I don’t know why some people fail while doing their best and others pass without putting in effort. I don’t know why God healed her family, but not your own. I don’t know why until now you can’t win her heart. I don’t know why your growing baby has a deformity. But I do know that we miss the expansive view of grace if we are focused on everyone else’s story.

Always remember that God is sovereign. That He knows what He is doing and He is always a good God even if we didn’t get what we want. We may not understand His plan for us but it will always be a good thing to trust His will for our lives because He knows everything. Just Trust in Him. (Provers 3:5-6)

Can you relate? Have you ever felt slighted by God? Start erasing those negative thoughts in your mind and start trusting His will for your life. 🙂

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