Finally, licensed to heal!

Our PLE journey was very different from what most doctors encountered. Ours was in a time of crisis that brought another whole new level of ordeal. They say you have all the time to focus and prepare for the examination but maintaining our mental health state was another thing to take into account knowing that year 2020’s cataclysmic events in slow motion have disrupted thousands of people’s lives and disseminated a sense of uncertainty. Some of us were blessed to have good health and intact family but some had to deal with grief for the loss of their loved ones, the loss of family’s work, the loss of their home stricken by the typhoon. It was not easy. Certainly, there were “highs” of excitement and the enjoyment of learning. Things will start to make sense as you connect one concept to the other. But there were also “lows” of frustration with your pace, feelings of inadequacy, and unpreparedness. There were more of those the-more-you-know-the-more-you-don’t-know moments. But in spite of it, I am proud to have witnessed my batchmates’ PLE success. What great joy it is to see one rise up from the ashes.

In emphasis, my PLE success story was more of God’s faithfulness and the unbending support of my family and friends that played a crucial part in my journey. Because of them, I never allowed those down moments to define me. My family most especially Papa and Mama was my pure motivation to persevere and cross the finish line. They were the picture (second would be my crush JK) that I always put in my head when I am having those “bad moments”.

To my parents, thank you for your unyielding support and unconditional love. I am now a licensed physician and I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it weren’t for you both. To my sisters, my brother-in-laws, nephews, relatives, and friends! This is also for you guys. How blessed I am to have numerous people to count on. Thank you for taking the time to encourage, motivate, comfort, and help me in this medical journey. Thank you for spoiling me with your love and care.

To my mentors and CIM community, thank you for imparting to us all the knowledge you possessed to aid us and to prepare us for the board examination. As the days went by, we never felt alone nor neglected with your continuous support.

Most of us studied 15-20? hours per day (question mark because hahahaha I don’t study that long and the hours are varied) just to cover all 12 subjects. Despite all those efforts to prepare for the big battle, it did not seem enough. But I rested on the promises of God and that gave me hope during those moments. I am certain that He did not accompany me all those years of struggle in medical school for nothing. I held on to His every promise, and that the only thing I needed was to have faith in Him. Let go and let Him do His wondrous works.

Indeed, God is faithful for granting the deepest desires of my heart to become licensed to heal. He is the God of covenant and of faithful promises. And that time and time again He has proven that He who began a good work in me will bring it into completion. With conviction, there is no such thing as a lucky red ribbon empanada, red underwear/clothing, lucky pencils nor charms. No superstitions nor rituals will help us pass the exams. It was the amazing grace of God. I just brought with me my faith and grit- the most powerful weapon you must bring in the testing site. 🙂

Congratulations to the newly licensed doctors for this milestone! After years of sleepless nights, all the high-pressure exams, all the missed birthday parties, and weddings, anniversaries, and reunions, the hard work we endured have all come down to this single moment, and it seemed like we simply could not contain it. Continue to cherish and give time to your family and loved ones. Continue to live with purpose, stay humble, and don’t forget the true reason why we chose this path- to become physicians with a heart.

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