A Man that serves

Never ever underestimate the ability to pay close attention to details of a man who serves. He might not always be about the grandeur things, but he is always present for those little acts of love that build up the foundation of your relationship. If you’re sad, he easily figures it out and checks on you by asking, “how’s your heart?” or brings your favorite ice cream or chocolate bar. If you’re not feeling well, he will be there in front of your door bringing with him warm soup and medications to make sure you’ll be fine. If you’re worried for your post rotation exams or oral exams, he will be ready to cover you in prayers and encouragements. If you want them to accompany you while studying out, he tries to sit with you and drinks coffee with you just to keep himself awake. If you’re in need of help, he will be running straight to where you are and make sure you will not feel alone- whether it’s just for killing a flying cockroach at home or buying milk tea for your late night cravings. If you’re about to give up, he will be there to look you straight in the eyes and remind you that God is sovereign and is control of everything. His love will make you believe that there is a God who loves you unconditionally. He loves you but he loves God more and that makes you feel secured.

A man who serves finds joy in helping others and giving them things he received from God first. He loves to share his life to those who are in need. He doesn’t crave attention nor any recognition. He feels fulfilled knowing that he was able to point others to Christ by giving them what he has and that’s more than enough.

A man who serves never stops. He never stops running after God for leading and guidance. He never stops asking, “God, How can I serve you more?” This is his true form of worship; to use his life as a living sacrifice, holy, and pleasing to God. He will spend his whole life singing about the love that served him first.

So ladies, if you’re waiting for a man to marry someday, pray for a man who serves and you will be genuinely pursued for the rest of your life. Say yes to him and you will find your life never lacking but always giving, always full of blessings, and always flourishing.

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