Humility is absolutely attractive

Humility is so tricky that when you start wearing it, you lose its power. But when you start living it, people will be naturally drawn to you. Humility is the act of making yourself empty of pride, arrogance, and all sorts of selfishness.

It is the constant lifestyle of resting in God’s grace that says, “I will be the One who will exalt you at the right time for the right purpose. Be the last in this world and you shall be the first in my Kingdom.”

Humility gives a person the power to embrace opportunities to grow from mistakes and frustrations rather than staying in the prison of having to constantly impress others. Humble people realize that they are limited human beings. As a result, they wisely look for answers outside of themselves- from their faith or someone else who has gone few steps ahead of them. Humble people treat life not as a race but as a journey worth living. Ultimately, a humble person seeks God for wisdom, making him overflow with understanding that only God can give. He is not the one in the crowd who always claims, “I know”, but he is definitely the guy wearing a plain shirt, genuinely asking, “That’s amazing! Can you teach me more?” A humble guy appreciates people’s progress instead of focusing on his own credentials. A humble person appreciates the fact that the world does not revolve around him and accepts his position as just a tiny piece from God’s giant masterplan.

He pays high respect in putting value to other people’s opinion, even if it’s different from what he is standing for. He is mature and open-minded and learned that just because an opinion is different doesn’t mean it is wrong. There are countless sides in one argument and a humble person spends more time in listening rather than complaining. He is definitely not the guy that celebrates the downfall of the girl who rejected him nor the guy that celebrates his enemy’s setbacks

A humble person knows that joy is not found in being right and being at the top of the climb. He believes that joy is found in helping others grow and succeed while honoring God all through the entire process.

Humility is what makes a person absolutely attractive in the eyes of many. He has a lot to offer but doesn’t shout it for the world to know. He waits for the right time and occasion to use the power of his words and allow God to work in and through Him, so he could receive more of Him and less of himself. He has control over his heart, his thoughts, and his actions. Therefore, he receives more favor form the Lord, as he keeps himself still that it is God who will lift him up and not men.

Humility starts from the heart and never in our outward appearance. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Humility is absolutely attractive

  1. The Dreamer says:

    Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it’s thinking of yourself less and more of others. I like the promise that if you humble yourself, God will lift you up. Thanks for this reminder!


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