A Man that serves

Never ever underestimate the ability to pay close attention to details of a man who serves. He might not always be about the grandeur things, but he is always present for those little acts of love that build up the foundation of your relationship. If you’re sad, he easily figures it out and checks on you by asking, “how’s your heart?” or brings your favorite ice cream or chocolate bar. If you’re not feeling well, he will be there in front of your door bringing with him warm soup and medications to make sure you’ll be fine. If you’re worried for your post rotation exams or oral exams, he will be ready to cover you in prayers and encouragements. If you want them to accompany you while studying out, he tries to sit with you and drinks coffee with you just to keep himself awake. If you’re in need of help, he will be running straight to where you are and make sure you will not feel alone- whether it’s just for killing a flying cockroach at home or buying milk tea for your late night cravings. If you’re about to give up, he will be there to look you straight in the eyes and remind you that God is sovereign and is control of everything. His love will make you believe that there is a God who loves you unconditionally. He loves you but he loves God more and that makes you feel secured.

A man who serves finds joy in helping others and giving them things he received from God first. He loves to share his life to those who are in need. He doesn’t crave attention nor any recognition. He feels fulfilled knowing that he was able to point others to Christ by giving them what he has and that’s more than enough.

A man who serves never stops. He never stops running after God for leading and guidance. He never stops asking, “God, How can I serve you more?” This is his true form of worship; to use his life as a living sacrifice, holy, and pleasing to God. He will spend his whole life singing about the love that served him first.

So ladies, if you’re waiting for a man to marry someday, pray for a man who serves and you will be genuinely pursued for the rest of your life. Say yes to him and you will find your life never lacking but always giving, always full of blessings, and always flourishing.

Rushed Life

As you move through the stages of your life, you will invariably learn that things aren’t always as they are cracked up to be. And as amazing as life can be, there are also harsh truths that you tend not to acknowledge until they are staring you in the face. Just like life after the Physician Licensure Examination, I thought it was the end of my torture in making decisions. Oh boy, it was full of adjustments as being a full-fledged adult struck real hard. I began to see the “real” world as a late bloomer who spent the years acquiring knowledge and honing my skills to become a good doctor for my future patients.

I am grateful to finally reach this point, to reach this far where I achieved my dream of becoming a licensed doctor but I began to question my future when I began to compare my progress to other people who are already financially stable (and I’m just starting), who are getting engaged and married or having kids my age (funny how I have dreamt of being a multigravid mother LOL but it’s starting to get really vague now haha), and living their lives. Although I have already carefully thought about these major aspects in life before I entered medical school but I didn’t know that it would really hit hard that I’m now about to start my residency training and that I’m ending my 20s phase. Haha.

I have always wondered the science behind every human being in a hurry. You see the irony. We rush about as a means to an end: as a method for getting results in the form of good experiences, such as relaxation and happiness. I am guilty of it but really, why are we in such a rush? Is there a deadline to it? Do we expect God to follow our planned schedule? Should we do it our way or His way? It is so easy to be consumed by the lie of being productive. We want everything to be done according to what we expect it to be and if it turned out differently, we lose hope to who God is.

Rushing crushes our lives little by little. It is when we rush that we lose patience over the smallest of things. When we rush, we forget to enjoy the joy of little victories. When we rush, some relationships are thrown over and left behind. We abandon people when we rush. We think highly of ourselves and forget that life is not a race.

A rushed life is a life that lack in love. Hurry is absolutely not compatible with joy. It is incompatible with love. It is incompatible with peace. When we are in a hurry, we don’t get to soak in God’s presence that gives us that kind of joy, peace, and love. We are just too much in a hurry to experience the life with God.

Come to think of it. My worse moments were from those times that I was in a rush to make decisions. When I am in the moment to hurry, I lose control of most things. I start to lose my temper and gentleness. I have seen my day when I am in a rush so many times and it’s filled with doubts, unfulfillment, frustration, and confusion. Just like a day in the hospital especially when I am on a 24 hour duty- I really forget a lot of things and I don’t respond well most especially when I am in a hurry to finish my work. We get too busy prioritizing so many things that we lose the chance to prioritize that one thing that truly matters- our time with God.

You see, each season of our lives has its place and purpose. There is a season to be a child and a season to be an adult. A season to be single and to get married. A season of struggles and a season of resiliency and stability. Not because we see someone in their 20s achieving their dreams, e.g. opening a coffee shop of their own, finishing a postgraduate course, buying their own house and lot, traveled to countless destinations, getting married, finally learning to cook that perfect crisp of adobo pork, that we have to bear the spirit of pressure upon us. Don’t be in a rush. Take your time because you will get there at the right time. Don’t miss “the now”; the good things this season has for you. Just remember that wherever we are right now is a season that God has placed in our lives to take pleasure in and enjoy.

Be at your pace.

Sincerely yours 🙂

Humility is absolutely attractive

Humility is so tricky that when you start wearing it, you lose its power. But when you start living it, people will be naturally drawn to you. Humility is the act of making yourself empty of pride, arrogance, and all sorts of selfishness.

It is the constant lifestyle of resting in God’s grace that says, “I will be the One who will exalt you at the right time for the right purpose. Be the last in this world and you shall be the first in my Kingdom.”

Humility gives a person the power to embrace opportunities to grow from mistakes and frustrations rather than staying in the prison of having to constantly impress others. Humble people realize that they are limited human beings. As a result, they wisely look for answers outside of themselves- from their faith or someone else who has gone few steps ahead of them. Humble people treat life not as a race but as a journey worth living. Ultimately, a humble person seeks God for wisdom, making him overflow with understanding that only God can give. He is not the one in the crowd who always claims, “I know”, but he is definitely the guy wearing a plain shirt, genuinely asking, “That’s amazing! Can you teach me more?” A humble guy appreciates people’s progress instead of focusing on his own credentials. A humble person appreciates the fact that the world does not revolve around him and accepts his position as just a tiny piece from God’s giant masterplan.

He pays high respect in putting value to other people’s opinion, even if it’s different from what he is standing for. He is mature and open-minded and learned that just because an opinion is different doesn’t mean it is wrong. There are countless sides in one argument and a humble person spends more time in listening rather than complaining. He is definitely not the guy that celebrates the downfall of the girl who rejected him nor the guy that celebrates his enemy’s setbacks

A humble person knows that joy is not found in being right and being at the top of the climb. He believes that joy is found in helping others grow and succeed while honoring God all through the entire process.

Humility is what makes a person absolutely attractive in the eyes of many. He has a lot to offer but doesn’t shout it for the world to know. He waits for the right time and occasion to use the power of his words and allow God to work in and through Him, so he could receive more of Him and less of himself. He has control over his heart, his thoughts, and his actions. Therefore, he receives more favor form the Lord, as he keeps himself still that it is God who will lift him up and not men.

Humility starts from the heart and never in our outward appearance. 🙂

The Early Bird Catches the Worm but the Second Mouse Catches the Cheese

Life is a matter of perspective. Even when we talk about a sensitive subject matter such as love, it all depends on how you see it and it all depends on your perspective.




If you love something, set it free…

If it comes back, it’s yours; if it doesn’t, it never was yours in the first place.


If you love somebody, set her free…

If she ever comes back, she’s yours, if she doesn’t, well, as expected, she never was.

THE OPTIMIST’S VERSION: If you love somebody, set her free…

Don’t worry, she will come back.


If you love somebody, set her free…

If she ever comes back, ask her why.


If you love somebody, set her free…

If she doesn’t come back within some time limit, forget her.


If you love somebody, set her free…

IF she doesn’t come back, continue to wait until she comes back…


If you love somebody, set her free…

*If she comes back, and if you love her still, set her free again, repeat*


If you love somebody, set her free…


If you love somebody, set her free…

If she loves you, the probability of her coming back is high.

If she doesn’t, your relationship was improbable anyway.


If you love somebody don’t ever set her free.


If you love somebody, set her free… Instantaneously… and look for others simultaneously.


If you love somebody, set her free…

If she comes back, her super ego is dominant. If she doesn’t come back, her IQ is supreme.

If she doesn’t go, she must be crazy.


If you love somebody, set her free…

If she comes back, it’s time to look for fresh loans. If she doesn’t write her off as an asset gone bad.


If you love somebody, set her free…

If she comes back, she has brand loyalty. If she doesn’t, reposition the brand in new markets.

Now you probably know what I mean when I say that life is not what happens, but it’s how you look at it and take it.



If you love somebody, you will care enough to share your life to help, to give, rather than to get or to receive. If you love somebody, you will begin to invest more of your time, listen carefully to what the person is saying.

If you love somebody, you will rejoice at the person’s success. And most importantly, if you love someboyd, you would pray for that person and bring him or her to the Savior.Now that is what the real issue in love is all about. And this should be the right christian perspective.


-Francis J. Kong

Every Season Is Not An Accident

Never knew that a list of crisis was in store for me this year 2020. The year pretty much started out well but early March was the one that I didn’t see it coming- a disaster that would push me straight to the pit. It started out as having a dilemma with trivial things related to my career (where to take the board exam, should I rest and do moonlighting or go to residency program, when and where will I settle, etc.), then, COVID19 happened which affected my Postgraduate Internship Program, meaning, the future is uncertain. I began to question my life’s decisions. I was broken. It was hard taking it all together.

I thought suppressing was a good defense mechanism and that I’ll just get away with it. Well, not when you have to undergo the process of Quarantine as mandated by the government. More idle time means more time to reflect and be with your emotions. Therefore, I have to find ways to divert my attention towards my emotions but the wee hours were the hardest as the vicious cycle of ruminating keeps on slowly creeping in and I end up weeping. As days passed by, the burden became so heavy. It began to take its toll on me. I felt alone inside this pit. It was pitch black down there. I wanted someone to pick me up but not any of my family, friends nor somebody can literally pull me out. It was a battle that I have to deal on my own.

Day and night I prayed and cried to God because the pain demands to be felt. I asked Him to enter the shattered places of my heart. I allowed Him to shed light to those dark places. I realized that we don’t always need to have it together. Life is hard. We know that. Yet, we can be vulnerable. No need to suppress the pain and make people think that we are perfectly fine. We’re not living to impress but to progress.

However, God has His own way of answering prayers. I was listening to one of Peter Tan-Chi’s sermon when he quoted,


He emphasized that the battle is always in the mind. Wow,  how timely! My melancholic personality is a strength but it can also be a weakness if I am not careful. We are a product of the way we think, so we should take every thought captive because the moment we start to believe the lies of the devil or untruths about God, it will immediately show in our actions. Indeed, wrong thinking produces wrong behavior and emotions.

What did I do?

I surrendered and grieved. It helps heal our hearts. Jesus himself was also a “man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.” Cry. Be alone. Get down in your knees and let the tears freely come. It is the right way to treat your brokenness. Allow yourself to feel again. Anger? That’s okay. Anger’s not a sin but be careful not to sin because of it (Ephesians 4:26). Trust me, you’ll be surprised that no more tears will come out from those lacrimal glands because it’s already worn out and dehyrdrated. LOL.

What did I learn from this season I am in?

I may not be where I want to be right now, but I am exactly where I need to be in this season. No season is ever wasted if we are under God’s will. I am called for such a time as this- to grow in whatever season God has for me. Instead of asking God why, I should try asking Him what He is trying to teach me. “God, what do you want me to do?”


Whether we’re at the highest mountaintop in our lives or we feel like we’re in the deepest valley walking alone, each season creates something in us that allows for self healing, growth, reflection, and complete reliance on God. I realized not to belittle the season we’re walking through but to embrace it. To have teachable hearts. Willing to listen and move or to just be still. Get lost in God’s presence and trusts Him when He says, “Everything will be alright.” Make ourselves home in His arms.

If you’re reading this and is feeling the same emotions that I am going through. Take the time to process your emotions. It’s okay to cry but continue to stay close to God as you continue to allow Him to lead you. Know that His presence is constant and He has his very best for us. Although His timing may not be convenient for us, just know He’s got something way better planned. Don’t mistake His patience for His absence. He hears you. He sees you. He’s doing things that are seen and unseen. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on His promises because- life. But I assure you that if you seek Him with your whole heart, you will find Him.

Wounds and Scars of the Past

Did you know when a bowl is broken in Japan it is put back together with the cracks filled with gold creating a beautiful lining. This was to emphasize the beauty in what was once broken. They believe that when something has suffered damage and has a history. It makes it more beautiful.



Therefore, everything you’ve been through, everything that you’re going through, it doesn’t make your life uglier. Although it may seem that way when we’re going through it. But it’s up to us to choose to paint our struggles with gold and make it beautiful. You are not broken beyond repair, you can pick yourself up and learn from what has happened and become a better person from it because of the struggle you’ve been through.

Believe that God can heal the wounds and scars of the past because He really can. Don’t be ashamed of your scars. Use pain for God’s glory. Scars won’t define us, but it let us spur forward in love, forgiveness, and humility. God made the human body amazingly resilient. For example, when you get a cut, your body immediately goes to work to heal it. You don’t have to think about it or coordinate it—it just happens. And often, once the body has finished its work and the wound has closed, there is a scar. The scar is evidence of closure—no more blood, no more scabs, just skin.

Once the Lord has helped you work through your pain, your life will be a compelling testimony. 🙂

Being Single Doesn’t Mean


Being single doesn’t mean that we are;


Because we are already complete in Jesus, not in a man or with a woman. We may be single or married but as a child of God, we are complete in Christ as what’s written in Colossians 2:10. Remember that time when Adam was single, when God was going to give him a wife, He said “…It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” (Genesis 2:18). God didn’t say He’ll make someone else and add to Adam a help meet to complete him. We actually don’t need to be in a relationship to feel complete because God himself can already fill that void in our hearts and complete us. 


Nope. We are not les miserables. Singles are basically not walking around or sitting in a corner, saying “Woe is me! I have no partner.” Yes, sometimes its hard, but most of the time, we are enjoying the abundant life that Jesus has promised everyone who comes to Him.


Missing out on being in a relationship? Seriously though, as a single lady, right now, at this very moment, I believe I am where God will have me today. His grace is sufficient. And, I’m not missing out.


 So, being single, determines my life’s purpose? Our purpose in life, as God originally created man, is glorify God and enjoy fellowship with Him, have good relationships with others, work, and have dominion over the earth. But with man’s fall into sin, fellowship with God is broken. Only by restoring fellowship with God, through faith in Jesus Christ, can purpose in life be rediscovered. We enjoy by following God’s purpose for our lives, which enables us to experience true and lasting joy—the abundant life that He desires for us.


No. We are waiting on (God), there’s a difference.

          Dear singles, be encouraged, love yourself, know your worth, live your life, don’t settle, and remember, “…the unmarried woman or girl is concerned and anxious about the matters of the Lord, how to be wholly separated and set apart in body and spirit” (1 Corinthians 7:34)

The Beauty of Being Single

It’s the wonderful month of hearts once again and the awaited Valentine’s Day is coming up. However, it can’t be denied that there are some single people trying to put on their sad faces because they don’t have someone they call “Signficant Other.”

giphy (5)

The word ‘single’ carries one of the most negative connotations these days. In the public’s eye, being single is equivalent to being lonesome. Who said being single is ugly and to be ashamed of? Who said single life prevents you from being happy and contented? We think such things because we are clearly brainwashed by the world’s standards. Being single is actually full of enlightenment and self-finding. Therefore, don’t go gloomy every Valentine’s day because February 14 is just a day that will just go by.


I’ve heard more married people thank God for their season of singleness than I’ve heard single people thank God in their season of singleness. It gives the impression that now, in retrospect, they realize what God was doing all along while they were single and they thank Him for it, which is good, nothing wrong with that, because of course, sometimes, if not most times, we don’t understand and fully appreciate what God is doing until later. But do we have to wait until we understand it before we thank Him? Does it have to be until we get it that we can express our gratitude?

You know, the bible tells us to “thank [God] in everything [no matter what the circumstances may be, be thankful and give thanks], for this is the will of God for you [who are] in Christ Jesus [the Revealer and Mediator of that will]”. -1 Thessalonians 5:18

giphy (4)

Being single is a time that you can never get back once you get married (I’m emphasizing marriage here because there’s no other way we’re heading to once we’re in a romantic relationship but marriage). Being tied to your lifetime partner is just equal to more responsibilities, bidding goodbye to that freedom of doing anything on your own, making decisions by yourself, scheduling your daily routine and many more.



Each season of our lives has its place and purpose. There is a season to be a baby and then a season to be a child. There is a season to be a teenager and then a season to be an adult. There is a season to be single and then to get married. So, don’t be such in a hurry in getting into a relationship. You might miss the good things in this beautiful season. Just remember that wherever we are right now is a season that God has placed in our lives to take pleasure in and enjoy before finally sharing our love to someone.

You may not like this season He has you in, you may not understand how you are 30 going on 31 and you are not even dating anyone, when you thought you’d have 2 kids by now, you may not understand why most of your friends are married and you’re still in school studying Law or Medicine and still livin’ la Vida sola (Haha, please I need you to laugh). You may not understand how everyone else’s boyfriend/girlfriend has been able to find them but it seems yours is having some difficulties finding his/her way.

You may not understand it all, perhaps that’s why God says, to trust in Him with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, stop trying to figure it out, just trust Him. You can trust Him because He is so, so faithful.



If you are single and have prayed and prayed for someone to love you forever, and that man/woman has not appeared, don’t think God has forgotten you. I mention this because I hear this a lot. Continue to give all your needs to the Lord and tell Him you trust Him to fulfill them. Tell Him you recognize that your greatest need is for more of Him. Don’t let discouragement about your situation cause you to settle for anything less than what God has for you. At the same time, don’t make your requirements so strict that no one can ever live up to them or would even want to try. Ask God what He wants before you tell Him what you want.

Seek the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and trust Him that He knows what (and who) is best for you. Serve God by staying in the center of His will, doing what He has asked you to do, and giving of yourself for His kingdom. When we are obedient in all of the things God is asking of us, we end up at the right place at the right time. And timing is extremely important. Make God the fulfillment of your greatest dreams and needs, and He will hear your prayers about the deepest longings of your heart. Don’t give up or stop praying; just continue growing deeper in your walk with the Lord

You Are Meant to be Pursued

“Na friendzone ka na ba, Ate?”

“I think it’s okay for ladies to court, right? Some men are just too passive.”

Before we go on, let’s understand first what friendzone means. In the vocabulary of millennials, friendzone is a situation in which one member of a friendship wishes to enter into a romantic relationship, while the other does not. It is generally considered to be an undesirable situation for the rejected person.

To answer the question, if I were a man and I got friendzoned, I might still exert extra effort to win her heart if my intentions are sincere. However, because I’m a woman, it’s different. God designed us in a unique way. Women are meant to be pursued, not to pursue. Therefore, if a man we like doesn’t like us back, then we can’t do something about it other than accept and move on.



There are many love stories that I’ve witnessed women making the first move, most especially in this generation where people are encouraging us to ask men on a date. To simply put, the world is implying that it’s okay for women to become the pursuers. Call me, old-fashioned. But ladies, we need to remember that we were not designed to pursue men. It’s not the right way. God created us women to want to be pursued and He created men to want to pursue. God’s way is always beautiful. Take figure skating as an example:

“The man leads the woman onto the ice and initiates each part of their routine. She receives that leadership and trusts in his strength. His raw, physical strength is more on display than hers; he does all the lifting, twirling, and catching. She complements his strength with her own—a more diminutive and more attractive strength of beauty, grace, speed, and balance. His focus as the head, or leader, is to magnifying her skills. Her focus is on following his lead and signaling her readiness to receive his next move. He takes responsibility for the two of them, and she trusts his leadership and delights in it” (Doing Things Right in Matters of the Heart).

That phrase alone tells us the crucial role of men in a relationship. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if the man himself would do the pursuing? Let him man up if his intentions are real. I may not know you personally, but if you are reading this, I know deep down inside, you don’t want to lead a man. You want a man to lead you. So, wait to be pursued, wooed, and won.


giphy (1)

The emphasis on being patient is this: don’t take action because you’re afraid that the guy won’t. When I say “action”, even the slightest and obvious cue that you are interested in that certain person e.g. engaging conversation with this person through text or chat ‘for hours’, calling him in the ‘wee hours’ of night. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t be friends with men. Just know your limitations. If you are impatient in your efforts, you might end up with with a guy who just isn’t ready to be in a relationship and trust me, the experience will be disappointing at best. Gender roles tell us that men are the ones who should approach you, call you, ask you on a date, follow-up with you, and then ask you out again. Let them do these things. You don’t want a man so paralyzed by his own insecurities that he can’t ask you for a date.



Don’t wait for a man to pursue you, instead wait on God. I’m already a young adult and whenever I encounter elderly people, they would always ask me if I’m already in a romantic relationship. I always tell them that I’m still waiting for the right person to come at the right season because I have to make sure that once I enter this new season, I should also be ready in meeting him at the altar.

So, ladies, don’t be such in a hurry, remember that God is in control of timing, of every man’s heart, of everything:

Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD.” (Notice that because of God’s favor, the man finds the woman, and not the other way around.)

Similarly, Proverbs 19:14 tells us “House and wealth are inherited from fathers, but a prudent wife is from the LORD.”

While waiting, make the most of the time while you are single. Use this time to learn how to cook, how to do household chores and even budget money. Learn more about who you are and seek God daily through reading bible and praying. I’m pretty sure that when you’re ready and fully equipped in becoming someone’s partner, God’s best will eventually come.


“But, I’ve waited long enough. Why am I still single?”, “Am I not beautiful?” Take note that someone not liking us back doesn’t mean there’s always something wrong with us. Let’s always go back to His Word, and see our real value and worth. Let’s see how God sees us first.

Proverbs 31:10 “Who can find a virtuous woman, her price is far above rubies” (Proverbs 31:10).

Isn’t it mind blowing or what? We are worth far more than rubies! We are worth more than something that is potentially worth millions of pesos. So, what could our worth possibly be? How about PRICELESS! There isn’t a number that would amount to our worth. You are priceless my sister, you are beautiful, amazing, and ordained. You are a masterpiece. Even in your imperfection you are all of these and much more. Doesn’t this verse give us so much security? Our worth is more than rubies and God himself made that crystal clear.



All of us has a God-story whether it includes marriage or not. However, we tend to manipulate God’s beautifully written story. We specify on a lot of things. We beg God to do this and that, to give us this and that. So, from now on, let us practice entrusting the pen and paper to God and let Him be the author of our lives because it’s going to be a lot more beautiful and full of romance when we allow Him.

If you’re still single and waiting for God’s best, Don’t worry about it. In fact, you no longer have to search for love to find your worth in a man’s desire for you. God loves you with an everlasting love and that alone is already enough.

Note: All pictures aren’t mine.

All I want for Christmas is You

Before You came into my life, it was nothing but empty space– a void – and no form at all, only darkness. If I have to describe my life, It was nothing, it was shapeless with nothing to be seen– it was a void. I was selfish and full of hate. Always fearful.

Your very presence brought great joy in my life. You make me dance for joy and I can’t explain why. It’s just that you fill my heart afresh each day, love and goodness overflow from my heart. Because of you, I can easily forgive and extend grace. You inspire me so much. You make me happy and appreciate the littlest of things. You are my bright sun and ever-present shield. You’re everything to my planet. I always feel so safe into your arms, you take care of reality, of what is really here. You are my great peace and contentment. You made me realize that silence, weirdly and paradoxically, fills this emptiness in me. I have become to love it because it isn’t absence; it’s where I can feel your presence. Whenever I feel restless about my limitations or what I don’t have or what I think I should have, I just draw myself to you who made my universe possible.

When you came into my life, You saved me from this sinful life and hostile world. You took me out of the darkness, You brought so much warmth into this very cold heart. You removed all the baggage that I am carrying. Suffering from emptiness that literally nothing in this world can fill, You overflowed me with so much adoration. It’s a wonderful feeling that this empty void of space inside my heart can aside from being physically filled with blood can also be spiritually filled by You. It is like you were the hole made for this heart. And now I can say that there was always this dwelling place for You within my heart.

Thank you for turning my futile life into something that is so full of meaning and color. The magnitude of your love is immeasurable and because of that I have loved you even more. Oh, how wonderful it is to be a child of yours and to enjoy this privilege.

This Christmas, what I want is not easy to see, it’s not wrapped in paper nor found under the tree. It’s precious and more valued than gold. All I want is my Savior’s presence, my Jesus. He is the reason why you and I live. He is the reason for this season because 2,000 years ago, He redeemed us from death. He set aside His glory to be dressed up in human flesh so that in the fullness of time, those who trust in His name might be made His sons and daughters. He died on the cross because He loves us even though there’s nothing good in us.

Jesus will always be the best gift ever infiltrated in my heart. 🙂