Birthday lessons

I am happy to spend my birthday with the people dear to me in this very beautiful place. It was indeed very cold but the warmth of love from my family and friends made the temperature bearable. Yes, it’s my birthday and I am blessed that the good Lord added one more year to my life to enjoy His beautiful creation and to serve Him more in this world that we are living in.

So here’s a prayer that I have for myself:

Delbeth, always choose to grow.

Grow in faith when doubts are overwhelming

Grow in faith when you can’t see your promised land

Grow in faith when you are in pain

Grow in faith when prayers are unanswered

Grow in faith when storms are raging and waves are crashing through

Grow in faith when people choose to leave

When life is comfortable and at peace, thank God and rejoice. When life is hard, trust God even more and sing a little louder- He is always doing something great that we don’t ever know.

Lastly, grow with others.

It is always better when we do life together. Growing with others. I praise God for this big family that I have other than my biological parents and sisters. Truly, we all need people in our lives who will invest their wisdom and time to help us fulfill our God-given purpose. In fact, as we learn from our mentors and friends, God equips us to use our gifts and talents to disciple others.

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