Choose a Godly man

Thank God for godly men.

Thank God for using their lives– men who truly give their time, talents and treasure for the one True King. Oh, What a deep joy it is to see these men leading and serving God above all else. Because of this, they also lead ladies to live a life that put God first and to be a catalyst of Christ’s love.

Single ladies, it is my earnest prayer that you don’t make the same mistake that I did. For the longest time, I have overlooked priceless treasures because they did not shine right before my eyes. I have disregarded what the Bible said about being unequally yoked with an unbeliever because for a Christian to enter into partnership with an unbeliever is a court disaster. Thankfully, the Lord opened my eyes that I could not spend my future with a man who doesn’t honor my God, most especially a man who can’t lead me to The One who gives me abundant life.

But, I praise God because He has allowed me to truly see beyond the superficial towards what really matters in the eyes of God.

– a man who leads and initiates AND does not mislead a lady but guards her heart.

– a man who upholds purity AND does not allow you to compromise.

– a man who stays humble AND vigilant against pride.

– a man who respects NOT only to the lady he fancies but to ALL ladies.

– a man who is emotionally stable AND is secure in God.

– who not only reads the Word of God but meditates on it day and night

– who gets into meaningful conversation that inspire you to seek God more AND not on a meaningless chat.

These men may be around you right now, and sometimes they are overlooked. But they indeed shine with the light of Jesus. Therefore, affirm these men and pray that may their rare breed multiply. 😊

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