Taipei, Taiwan Day 3

Day 3

Dec. 20, 2016

First stop: Maokong


The weather that time was a perfect fit to go on another exciting tour!


The first thing to do is: BUY CARD! I have with me cards for both the cable car ride and the MRT.


When asked what’s the best place to visit, people would never forget to mention the famous Maokong. They say it’s one of the unique things to try in Taipei City and I couldn’t agree more! Why? I think it’s because Maokong Gondola’s scenic cable car ride is the bomb!


Walking our way to the entrance to wait in queue.


Maokong Gondola is a gondola lift transportation system that offers you to view the city on different perspectives. You will be able to fly and witness panoramas beyond your expectations that will definitely take your breath away. There are two types of cable cars: the normal cabin and the crystal cabin (glass-bottom cars). Of course, we chose the crystal cabins for better view!


Weeee! Ain’t it a good view?


Aside from the thrill the cable car will give you, your heart will also skip a beat as you will be able to witness Taipei City’s beauty from the skies!



Here’s a spectacular view of Taipei City 🙂


Maokong Gondola Station



Upon disembarking on the last station, you will be arriving at this little quaint village called Maokong. This town is known for its scenic place and perfect spot to drink quality, local grown tea. Yep, this place has several tea plantations and restaurants that you can choose from.


Not far from Maokong station, there is a cluster of food and drink stalls. We tried some of their dishes.


Papa’s dessert: Vanilla ice cream


After eating lunch, we decided to stroll around the area.



… Unexpectedly, we came across this beautiful temple.

Second stop: Forgot the name of the city 😦

We actually visited this place to try their hot spring but we didn’t make it since it was already closed when we arrived. Therefore, we just strolled around the place.






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