Many people have been asking me how my family and I can travel to different places in big groups. Here are some tips!

  • Save money for future tripsgreen_money
    Our family consists of 9 members. It is quite a big family and I’m sure you can’t imagine how we still survived in this century since it is really hard to get money to pay for the bills, expenses and other necessities. First and foremost, it’s because of my mom who budgets a lot. If it weren’t for her who keeps on reminding us and teaching us to avoid buying nonsense things then we wouldn’t be able to travel. Since we were young, we were already trained to buy things that are only important and necessary because she would always say “What do you want? this or a ticket outside Philippines?” Right then and there, I knew that me and my sisters were also born a wanderlust. So I’d say, quit spending too much money on expensive dresses, jewelries and gadgets and save money. If you think you can’t help your parents by working then saving money is already a big help for them.
  • Work Harde31c254e2d5ca2f1fca039d6c566f97d
    Let us not blind ourselves. We actually know the reason behind this is the sleepless nights, sweats and efforts. That’s why they call it “fruits of labor” You should work hard to sustain your love for traveling and it is really ture that if you really love or want something then you really try to do everything just to have that “thing.”
  • Avail Promo Fares. My parents used to spend a lot of money when we travel in and out of the country d/t to the transportation expenses. One day, Cebu pacific and its promo fares came to the Philippines! It was an open door for us to travel at a very affordable price. And from that moment on, we made sure that when we travel, we get promo fares for flights and choose affordable yet neat accommodations. I’m not saying you only avail Cebu Pac promo fares, other airlines like PAL also have promo fares.
  • Budget your Tripbudgeting-money_gg71590986
    Airfares and accommodating hotels take up a lot of money on your fund so you got to budget well. You can visit to TripAdvisor to help you. Instead of just relaxing at expensive hotels and eating their pricey buffets, why not save money to enjoy and experience different interesting activities instead? You can do cruising, sightseeing, touring the city, visiting theme parks, etc.
  • Pray and Askaid1580185-728px-Pray-for-Your-Livelihood,-Leaders,-Wisdom,-Governments-and-Such-(Christianity)-Step-1
    Matthew 7:7 “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”
    We always ask in prayer to our one and only Heavenly Father before we decide to visit a certain place. Always remember that when you ask, Sometimes it doesn’t mean it will be given directly to you because there is always a reason and a purpose behind it. But keep this to your heart that God is the God of everything and nothing is impossible to Him.

Hope this post helped you! 🙂