Taipei, Taiwan Day 1 & 2

Dec. 17, 2016

Like Thailand, Cambodia and other Asian countries, Taiwan is the kind of country that you can always fall back to when you want culture, nature and food.


My family and I arrived 3:00 am in the morning at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.


Yes, it’s indeed a family goal!

We spent the next few minutes queuing up at the immigration counter and as soon as we got out of the airport, a van picked us up and brought us to our hotel.

We actually stayed in Go Sleep Hotel-our home for the next 3 nights. I actually did search about the hotel when I knew where we were staying before the trip and found some undesirable pictures. However, because we were on a tight budget I just prayed that it wouldn’t completely disappoint us when we get there. Surprisingly, the place is good for a budget hotel. It has a great location, there are lots of shops and restaurants right outside and the Metro is just a short walk. We occupied 7 rooms and it was clean and spacious. I also loved the modern-look.

Day 1

Dec. 18, 2016

We had too little sleep that day since we were expected to be all ready and prepared around 8:00 in the morning. Good thing we were able to wake up early despite the 2-hour sleep. It’s okay, a little sacrifice won’t hurt.



There’s free breakfast in the lobby early in the morning and I must say they serve good food.  You can also avail their free drinks 24/7 whether it’s coffee, tea, juice or soft drinks. Just visit their lobby and go straight to their vending machines.


Another day, another wall. Lol

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Plantation Bay, Cebu

Say Goodbye to Books and hello DecemBREAK! After a few months of stressful days, I am happy to announce that it is already our semester break. The amount of caffeine overload and sleepless nights were intense the past Bimonthlies but I’m thankful I was able to endure the stress and pressure. Hello December! My favorite month (well, next to my birth month); needless to say it’s Christmas time. A time where all emotions are elated and joyous festivity are happening all month round. Indeed, the happiest month for me because I have ample of time to rest and enjoy the Christmas season with family and friends.


Here comes the sun!


If you and your family and friends are looking for a good place to visit during the vacation. Try visiting Plantation bay resort in the city of Cebu. It’s a place where you can enjoy the beautiful sky reflecting the clear salt waters.



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Banol Beach

There are many places to see and visit in Coron island for you and your family to explore but in our case, our tour guide shortlisted the areas for us because we were only allotted 1 whole day to visit these places: Kayangan Lake (Click to see review), Barracuda lake, Banol or Atuwayan Beach, and secret places, like lagoons and coral gardens. Too bad we weren’t able to visit the Skeleton Wreck and Twin Lagoon due to some tribe conflict. I don’t know. That’s what I’ve heard. Hahaha!

So, after our Kayangan Lake visit, our tour guide dropped us to Banol Beach, a small stretch of sandy white beach, where lunch is usually served for Coron Island Hopping Tours.




Banol beach is said to be a public beach, and similar to the beaches in Coron island which is surrounded by limestone cliffs. They say that El Nido, part of palawan, also looks like this beach but better and more beautiful than this beach. But as for me and myself, Puerto Princessa and Coron which is both part of Palawan is still one of the beautiful places I have ever been in the Philippines! Srsly, I ain’t joking. Palawan is now declared as one of the beautiful places in Philippines. Better than Boracay. Hahaha!

P.S. Don’t mind my unpleasant look. :))




Posing with cousins. I totally love the rock formation at the back!



A photo before we ate lunch. I really wasn’t able to take photos of our food since I was really famished that moment in time. Sorry. I have physiologic needs you know. Hahaha! But the food they served was really delicious. We had grilled fish, grilled chops, eggplant salad and vegetable curry for lunch, all freshly cooked right in our boat over a simple makeshift grill. Two thumbs up!


Always remember to put sunblock cream to protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays and sunburn before you soak up in the water! You don’t want to damage nor burn your skin, don’t you? This is the famous Coppertone sunblock but different from the other one because it is foamy and not in liquid. In all fairness, I do love it this way. It’s easy and fun to apply. Hahaha!



 Games: Who held their breath the longest? Too bad it wasn’t me. Haha!

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Kayangan Lake (Hall of fame of one of Asia’s cleanest lake)

If you have problems about what food to eat the whole day, you need not to worry because the people in the boat has a cook and they are the ones who will cook food for you. You just have to settle with the boatman before the trip. But just in case you feel the need to eat snacks in between islands then you could bring foods to eat! 🙂

Meet my relatives from my father’s side! So sad my other cousins and sisters weren’t able to witness the beautiful view of Coron Palawan!

First stop: Kayangan Lake

Took a photo of the sea while we where on our way to our first destination. Love this photo! Not only because of its beautiful view but because it reminds of me of the movie, Life of Pi. Hahaha!

Smiling for the camera before we start climbing to the top to get the best view of the bay.

From the dock area, there’s a short 10-minute uphill hike to a small cave and an ideal viewing point of the Kayangan Bay.

The trail to the top was not that safe because the stairs weren’t concreted. However, if you are up to a real adventure, you would really find this adventurous because you would be climbing to the top with wooden handrails and stepping huge rocks. Watch your footing here as I found the stone steps to be a bit tricky and dangerous in spots and be prepared to sweat a bit on the way up as well.

Not to worry with climbing all the way to the top though, because once you arrive, the panoramic view will sweep you off your feet! Nice view, right? Wait ‘til you see the Kayangan Lake! 😀

Another few more minutes descending to the open lake. This time you have to be double cautious and careful because the footing might be slippery.

Here’s a peak of the lake while I was climbing down. No joke but upon seeing that very clean water, I was so excited that I was climbing down so swiftly and forgetting how dangerous it was. Please, Please, do not do this. You don’t want to spend your vacation at a hospital, don’t you?

TADAAAAAA! Isn’t it a paradise? I bet seeing this picture at the back of your monitors right now made you say “WOW! I wanna go there!”

Very very very nice place. It’s all I expected to be. A Paradise. I could just stay here and do nothing but stare at the scenery.

Moreover, Kayangan Lake which is often times declared to be one of the cleanest lake in the Asia. And I can tell by the look of its lake. Like really.

If you want to spend several hours here exploring all corners of the lake, you may utilize the two available Bamboo Raft in the lake. On the other hand, what we did to explore all the corner of the lake was swimming while our tour guide was leading us. We even went to the back of the mountains, snorkeling and witnessing beautiful rock formations underwater. It sure was a long swim!

Oh, I almost forgot! If you don’t know how to swim then you would be needing a life jacket. In my case, I know how to swim but I brought with me a life jacket because it lessens me from getting too tired swimming for long hours. So, I’d ride or hold on to the jacket when I catch up for breath to make me float.

Forgive me for the struggling underwater pose. Hahaha

Please don’t do this if you do not know how to swim. I tell you, it is really really deep. I barely see the ground.

So yeah, the guy in black is our tour guide. As you can see, he was dragging all of them together with the use of a long rope. Hahaha! Poor tour guide but don’t worry, he was trained to do this. 🙂

Surrounded by rocky mountains covered by green trees and plants, it certainly evokes an image of a lagoon seen from postcards and movies. So, if you are expecting paradise, it can’t be any more head on, as the way towards Kayangan lake itself as it serves as a prelude of sights to see! 😀

Take note: You should come during the dry season! Make sure you come early and plan for a lengthy swim.