Travel with a Purpose

Traveling with friends, specifically, with my favorite people outside Cebu has always been my long-time dream. I thought it would be the best graduation gift since I’ve been deprived of things like this because of my hectic schedule in medical school. It was indeed an answered prayer when my parents allowed me to have this dream travel. Trust me, I felt like a happy kid who just got out from her room for the first time!


Travel and good friends are very important to me.  I always feel good when I’m surrounded by my close friends. Adventures keep life exciting and when you can enjoy them with good friends they’re twice as fun.

Our chosen destination was at Malapascua Island, an island located in North Cebu, which attracts local and foreign tourists, especially divers, because of its rich marine sanctuary.


DSC01086It was also surprising and exciting at the same time that Aljon, who was working in Manila, was able to join our escapade and volunteered to drive for us using his new car named.. Strontium? Rhodium? Ruthenium? Hahaha! Forgive me, Aljon, for forgetting your car’s name.


Arrival at Maya Port




Hotels dot the shore, restaurants lining along the beach, and dive tours are offered at almost every corner. No pave roads around. No crowd. Just what I have always wanted, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Continue reading