Beijing, China Part 1

It has been a great opportunity to be able to visit Beijing which is the capital of the most populous country in the world. Beijing is by far one of my favorite places that I have been thus far. They have thousands of ancient temples mixed among gigantic parks, a modern downtown with skyscrapers, mazes of hutongs, and LOTS and LOTS of people. Clearly the absolute must see if you are in China is the Great Wall, there’s just no denying that.

But before we proceed, just please pardon our clothes. Haha! This was our fashion disaster days. Few weeks before leaving for Manila, we weren’t able to anticipate the winter season in China. Yes. This was my first winter experience. We didn’t have winter clothes except for my dad and mom so we bought for just a short period of time. Boy, it was hard looking for cheap winter clothes since it is really expensive. We ended up buying any winter clothes just for our comfort instead, making sure that we wouldn’t freeze when we arrive there.

1st Day: (0 Degree Celsius)

The Forbidden City is the largest cluster of ancient buildings in the world, a city within a city and a symbol of China’s cultural heritage.


We were strolling down the streets of Beijing with our not so comfortable and two layered winter clothes (Which in about 10 minutes, I thought I was nearly going to die due to the uncomfortable stress of being cold.)








While traveling around the world, a person can visit many wondrous and mysterious sites that conjure up images of historical events of long ago. One of the most fascinating sites in existence is the Forbidden City. Yhep. This beautiful icon at the back. So rich in history and mystique.


This should give you an idea of how consistently cold it was. No time for posing. As you can see I was already covering my face with my scarf. Frankly speaking, I COULDN’T FEEL MY FACE that time! It was all NUMB. Like, every part of it. Good thing, at about 20-25 minutes exposure to the freezing air, the bus arrived and all of us came running like we were some kind of beggars who just saw a mouth-watering food displayed in the middle of nowhere. Hahaha So yeah, to be able to sit inside the bus with the heater was like HEAVEN.


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