Mixed all of them with chocolate flavored ice cream. Sweetness overload!

I stared at the beautiful scenery in front of me, letting my eyes feast on these pretty little things.

Taking pictures of chocolates are exciting and fun. It dances with our neurochemistry in order to actually uplift the body and mind. The chocolates above are my top 3 favorites.

What are yours?

Choco-filled Donut

I have a deep, dark, secret love of something truly naughty. It’s the choco-filled donuts served at Dunkin’ Donuts. It was one of my all time favorite snack and by thinking of it, it takes me back to my elementary school days.DSC01101DSC01102DSC01104DSC01108DSC01116

Here’s a close up picture of chocolate filled. Ain’t that delicious? Whether served for breakfast or dessert, these donuts result in a dreamy treat!


Grill All You Want!

Hold on to your seats because the newest eat and drink all you can buffet restaurant in Cebu has just opened!


Yakimix has finally come to Cebu and is ready to invade everyone’s tastebuds! The highlight of this restaurant is their handful of dishes and the smokeless grill where people can cook the marinated food.


They serve plenty of dishes from Filipino cuisine, American, Japanese, Chinese, and more! You have many options to choose in the grilled meat selections. Customer favorites include the wide array of sushi and sashimi, tempura, the pasta and pizza stations..


Say hello to my adorable nephew!

Don’t forget the candy station which, uniquely, includes gummy worms, gummy bears, jelly beans and other kid-friendly sweet treats that would make your kids go on a sugar rush.

I recommend the dessert station (not shown in the photo), it makes ‘em boys and girls go loco! Literally! And worry not for caffeine lovers because they also have their own station to go with the sweets.


Like I said, you can choose what meat you like and grill it by yourself. The good thing about Yakimix is their smokeless grill. You won’t be suffocated by the smoke compared to most restaurants.

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Something Green

We all have that one color we first fell in love with the moment our eyes set upon. It may be your favorite or it might not be anyone’s favorite but we still preferred such color because of how it affects our mood.

My first favorite color out of the endless colors that I like is Green! I loved the color Green because it’s very relaxing and pleasing to my eyes. Here are some of my Instagram photos that speaks how much I love the color Green and of course, Matcha! 😀