GGG- Good Godly Girlfriends

Wedding bells are ringing!

Last December 8, a bridal shower surprise was held for our dearest Candice a.k.a. Ken-Ken. This occasion is really special and kind of new to me because Ken-Ken happens to be the first close friend of mine who got married. So, before tying the knot with her soon-to-be hubby, we decided to celebrate her last few days of single hood.


It was a privilege to help Eviejoy, the maid of honor/organizer of the said Bridal shower (Haha), to decorate the place. I admit I love art but I wasn’t sure that decorating was my forte. Amazingly, we were able to pull off a beautiful pink theme bridal shower for Ken-Ken. We planned to keep it simple but it turned out to be so striking!


The beautiful bride-to-be

What made this bridal shower even better is the fact that the bride is just about one of the Spirit-filled women I know. She truly loves the Lord, has a heart for His service and it is just amazing to see how the Lord moves in her life. So inspirational!


The girl at the right side is my bestfriend, Eviejoy. Yes, the maid of honor and organizer. Look how busy she is. Hahahaha!

It was indeed a night full of food, games, love songs and words of encouragement for the bride.


Wedding tips from Ate Mai. I love how she relayed it in a unique way, like how we share the 4 spiritual laws. 🙂


“Solid, godly, christian friends are like medicine to the soul.”

We ended the night by speaking blessings and offering prayers for the bride (including the groom) and their wedding.

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When I was going through our pictures above, it reminded me that all of us really need friends whether we like it or not. We need people in our lives who will love us (aside from our family) where we are and help us get to a place of higher living. We need friends that will hold us accountable to God’s standards… More like, friends that sharpen us.

The Bible makes a point about this type of friendship. “Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” (Proverbs 27:17)

Now, take time to think of your friendships at the moment. Are they friends that sharpen you? Do they make you wiser and better? Is there anyone in your life who asks you tough questions, shares godly truths, and confronts you when you need to be confronted? If so, thank God for her. Bond with her on a regular basis, grant her permission to continue to speak into your life, and ask that she do the same.

Are you that friend to anyone? Do you long to have deeper friendships? If you find yourself in a wide pool of shallow friendships, pray for it. Pray that God would bring meaningful friendships to your life and that He would teach you what it looks like to be a good, godly friend.

There’s this post that I read a while ago written by an unknown woman. She said that when we have a companion that sharpens and become a companion that sharpens, our lives are enriched. True! Can you think about what our homes, our neighborhoods, our churches, our work places, and our lives would look like if we all had this type of friend?

I’d like to end this post by what Helen Keller beautifully said: “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.”

Therefore, treasure your good, godly girlfriends! ❤

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