A letter to my sister who’s getting married


Cherish each other in big ways and in small ways,

and never forget the magic of those three little words “I LOVE YOU.”

In marriage, remember that it is the little things that make the difference…

Don’t forget the birthdays and the anniversaries (an occasional note means a lot!)

Share each other’s life-even the small details- for too often we forget that day-after-day becomes year-after-year, and then it’s gone.

Give each other room to grow…

We all need our time alone.

Keep strong your faith in each other; time has a funny way of testing us, and it’s faith that gets us through.

And most of all, don’t forget to respect one another. This world could always use more of that. Speak your mind honestly, openly, but with kindness, for angry words are scars that may never heal.

Trust each other; let your trust be your rock. Most of all, each day be sure to hold each other and fall in love all over again. 🙂








A jar filled with Ferrero Rocher. Ain’t it delicious and at the same time cute? Thank God for my creative Aunt Celia for making all of these souvenirs.


These are also unique and handmade succulent souvenirs for the sponsors. Each sponsor will receive a pretty succulent!



The Groom


The Bride


Bride with the bridesmaids and maid of honor


Groom with groomsmen



Bride with sisters


Bride with family


December 11, 2016

Ultrawinds Resort

I remember it was a beautiful and bright day when my sister and her long time boyfriend got married. It was a marriage filled with love and compassion. I was so thrilled and happy to have another brother-in-law in the family. I was indeed blessed to have a new brother who I knew would love my sister dearly, who would be willing to protect her always, who would treasure her as his wife and who would raise a Godly family. I knew my sister made the right choice in marrying this man of God.

It was an answered prayer to me and my family to see my sister marry. I’ve always wanted my sisters to be married to a man that who do not only love and honor them but also love and honor the Lord our God.

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