Stargate Dream Vacation Resort

Star Gate is a vacation resort in Cagayan De Oro. Upon arrival, it was my first time to see a resort with creatively designed dream houses. I was like having a world tour for the reason that every house has its different theme. From White House, Mediterranen House to Victorian House and more! Here are some of the pictures that I got.


The Colonial house


The Mediterranean house


The Victorian house


The Flower house


Nothing could be more beautiful than the architecture of this house!


The White House


The Cowboy House


..and there’s a random wishing well. Hahaha!


The butterfly garden (wasn’t able to take a picture of the butterfly house)


Lastly, the Royal house. It’s a house good for 8 people and a maximum of 20. This is the place that we stayed and I felt like I was part of the Royal famiy! Haha. So if you want to feel like a king or queen then this royal house with an epitome of class is the place for you!


The Kitchen Area

The place can accommodate breakfast for a minimal fee, but you can also opt to cook since the house has utensils and all the cookware needed. In that way, you can really feel that you are at home.


The Dining Area


The Master Bedroom

The biggest room out of the many rooms inside the house. Say Hello to my big family, guys. Ain’t my dad and mom the cutest? Lol.


However, if you want to dine out, you can visit their Green Mango restaurant. It’s called Green Mango because the restaurant is surrounded with Green Mangoes that provide a good landscape and natural accent to the venue.  In case it rains, no problem because they have an automatic canopy that will cover the whole garden in no time.
Having a delicious moment with nature while enjoying the overlooking scenery.

Dessert, anyone?

The place also boasts its beautiful infinity pool that is overlooking the Cagayan de Oro river. If you’re in here for a day use you can grill or have your food cooked and delivered for you at the poolside cottages.
One of the unique features of the place is its tables where you will grill your uncooked food by yourselves. When the fire starts, you are served with carefully prepared raw meat and you start grilling it your way.
It’s actually so easy and so fun to cook your own food. Plus, friendly restaurant crews are ready to help you out. And after the cooking is done, you are guaranteed with hot, fresh and delicious meals cooked just the way you want it. The meats are also carefully flavored, tenderized and cut in small, thin slices so it all grills quickly.

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