What I look forward to every dental check up

A lot of people’s favorite part of their dental appointment is at the very end when they get to choose what color their braces would be for the few weeks until their next appointment. Who wouldn’t be guilty about this?

It’s kinda nice and really interesting to study psychology behind the color choices. Some people choose their favorite color or just a color to match their mood. I usually choose the dark colored ones because it makes my teeth appear brighter or most of the times, I choose red and dark pink because it makes my lips look redder. Sometimes when I want to get festive I choose pink and turquoise. It’s just so cute!



On my recent dental appointment, my dentist changed my upper braces with self ligating type so now my upper teeth won’t be having colored bands.. Sad. But I’m good, I still have the lower ones which I can spruce up the look of my braces the next appointment.

Do you have braces? What colors do you usually choose and why? 🙂


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