Plantation Bay, Cebu

Say Goodbye to Books and hello DecemBREAK! After a few months of stressful days, I am happy to announce that it is already our semester break. The amount of caffeine overload and sleepless nights were intense the past Bimonthlies but I’m thankful I was able to endure the stress and pressure. Hello December! My favorite month (well, next to my birth month); needless to say it’s Christmas time. A time where all emotions are elated and joyous festivity are happening all month round. Indeed, the happiest month for me because I have ample of time to rest and enjoy the Christmas season with family and friends.


Here comes the sun!


If you and your family and friends are looking for a good place to visit during the vacation. Try visiting Plantation bay resort in the city of Cebu. It’s a place where you can enjoy the beautiful sky reflecting the clear salt waters.




Plantation Bay Resort is truly a paradise on its own, the 5-star resort hotel is a good place where you can chill and relax in the morning and party during the night. I’m sure you will enjoy swimming into the salt water lagoon especially when the lagoon is directly from the porch at the back of your room.


Feeling hungry? No need to worry! They have four restaurants with a specific cuisine but if you opt for native Filipino foods then Kilimanjaro Kafe is a good choice! They have a handful of food to choose from. Since the restaurant has good view and good food, I would rate it as 7/10.


tumblr_nqr3zm9Gse1s0lwqeo6_1280If salt water is not your thing then they also have their fresh water pool.


There are also lots of activities to keep the group entertained such as archery, wall climbing, firing range, volleyball, billiards, table tennis, bicycle rides, etc. The slides, kayaks, and paddle boards are for free and fun to use as well.


Just beside the archery range is the wall climbing area.


That’s my uncle right there!


Playing air hockey inside the game room.

The resort boasts 11 hectares of property so you can also leisurely stroll in your free time or just basically ride the bicycle and enjoy the nice view.

Have you been here? Share your experience.

5 thoughts on “Plantation Bay, Cebu

  1. Joy Generoso says:

    Been wanting to visit Plantation Bay pero dili madayon hahaha permi makauna ang Bohol ug Palawan kay gasalig ba nga naa ra sa Cebu. Hopefully we can spend time with family sa Plantation Bay. 🙂


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