We are saved to serve

Meet Nanay Dominika. She is a 60+ year old widow with two grown up children. She came to know the Lord when she was 56 years old when Pastor Gomez shared to her the gospel. Since then her life was changed. Through her life, her daughter and some of her grandchildren came to know the Lord. For six years now, she has graciously opened her little home to be used as a place of worship and prayer for First Word Christian Fellowship. A life changed by Christ is also used to change someone’s life.

Joy: “Idaran na diay ka ‘Nay noh tong nakaila ka ni Jesus. Ngano man nay?”  (Why did it took so long for you to know Jesus?)

Nanay D: “Wala man gud nagpasabot nako katong batanon pako bahin sa kaluwasan. Kung kahibaw pa lang ko sa una pa, maka alagad ta ko sa Ginoo og dugay. Pero nagpasalamat gihapon ko sa Ginoo na gigamit niya si Pastor Gomez aron maka sabot ko sa kaluwasan bisan idaran nako.”

(No one taught nor shared to me what Salvation was when I was young. If I would have known, I could have served the Lord longer. But I’m still thankful to God for using Pastor Gomez to share the gospel to me and for letting me understand what Salvation is.)

So, I was reminded of two things after my conversation with Nanay D. I realized once again that there are two types of people in this world, the lost and the saved.

1.Lost people need to know Jesus. 

Nanay Dominika once was lost. Her life was without hope, meaning and purpose. She was slaved to sin and wandered for 56 years until such time Pastor Gomez shared Jesus to her.

In reality, there are still billions of people here on earth who are lost. They are everywhere, in your neighborhood, workplace, school, malls, jeepney, fast food chain, along the street, and even in your home. They are also present in all walks of life, poor and rich, young and old, student and out of school, employed and unemployed, single and married.

But how can these lost people know Jesus if no one is sharing to them?

2. Saved people need to learn how to share Jesus to others.

Pastor Gomez knew his ultimate mission in life, to share Jesus to the lost. He took a step of obedience to share Jesus to many and one of it was Nanay Dominika. Then Nanay D. also shared her faith to others.

Jesus’ mission here on earth was to seek and save the lost. As his followers, saved by grace, we are called to do the same. But how can I share Jesus to others? It’s as easy as ABC.
A. Ask. Ask the Lord to give you the desire and boldness to share.
B. Be trained. Learn ways how you can share to someone.
C. Create opportunities. Start sharing to your circle of influence (family, friends, neighbor,workmates, schoolmates). Join witnessing blitz, evangelism crusades and mission-trips.

(c) Eviejoy Beltran

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