Choco-filled Donut

I have a deep, dark, secret love of something truly naughty. It’s the choco-filled donuts served at Dunkin’ Donuts. It was one of my all time favorite snack and by thinking of it, it takes me back to my elementary school days.DSC01101DSC01102DSC01104DSC01108DSC01116

Here’s a close up picture of chocolate filled. Ain’t that delicious? Whether served for breakfast or dessert, these donuts result in a dreamy treat!


3 thoughts on “Choco-filled Donut

  1. arcticninetys says:

    Dunkin’ Donuts is the donuts pa rin for me than J.Co and Krispy Kreme! The price is stunning hahahaha but their choco choco boston is a winner! While reading this post, I just heard my stomach grumble hahahaha I’m craving for bavarians! I love your blog, Delbeth! If you could check mine, that would be awesome! Have a nice day! 🙂


    • hellodewww says:

      Hello, pretty! I agree, many people still love Dunkin’s donuts because it’s not that expensive (but their prices are increasing) and sweet compared to J.Co and KK. I kind of admit, I’m also a fan of KK’s honey glaze.


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