Dolphin Island

If your dream is to swim with one of the ocean’s most graceful creatures, the bottle-nose dolphin, as well as spend time relaxing on beaches or swimming with other marine life then visit the Dolphin Island in Misamis Occidental in Aquamarine Park.

Ozamis May 2008 207When we arrived at the place, we paid 10 pesos for the entrance and another 300 pesos (round-trip) for the boat that will take us to the Dolphin Island Resort.Ozamis May 2008 160

Dolphin island is actually NOT an island. It is a complex that takes care of rescued dolphins, they are sent back to the open sea once they are fit for release in the wild. The government then created more structures that included a restaurant, a swimming pool, a grandstand,  and an area enclosed by net where dolphins are kept and fed.

Ozamis May 2008 138Ozamis May 2008 140

Ozamis May 2008 139Ozamis May 2008 148

If you are too afraid to swim with these creatures, you can try snorkeling around the island resort and see some recovering corals and numerous fish species. The small sand island is another attraction near the resort and it is an island that disappears every high tide.

Ozamis May 2008 222

Ozamis May 2008 188Ozamis May 2008 204Ozamis May 2008 193

It was a fun experience to swim with the Dolphins. It was one of my dream to swim with it when I was a kid. I just use to see them on live shows but wasn’t able to get near them. You should try it!

6 thoughts on “Dolphin Island

  1. Jezreel says:

    The beaches around Misamis Occidental I think is worth seeing for local tourist and international tourist as well who want to explore the breathtaking sunken dunes and hidden treasures around the scattered islands of mindanao…Indeed a worthy place!!!


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