Great Wall of China


Our last visit from our 3-day trip was China’s famous Great Wall! It’s roughly an hour journey away from the city of Beijing so you have time to regain your energy in case you need to. The Great Wall trip was really one of the memorable vacations I had since…

  1. First, it was one of my dream place.
  2. Second, aside the fact that it’s my dream place. It’s also one of the world’s seven wonders.
  3. Third, we were able to visit the place before Christmas eve. In short, it was God’s christmas gift!



Taking a picture of my sister having her forty-winks. I wasn’t taking a nap since I was way too excited to close my eyes and rest.



Upon seeing the beautiful view of the wall, I was all prepared to jump out of the bus and kiss the ground. :))


Weeee! It was a first time for me to witness snow. Unsurprisingly, there is snow here towards the Great Wall as it is in a mountainous terrain farther up north. In fact, as far as I remember it was already -13 Degrees Celsius at that very moment. More freezing and it was much colder, with below freezing temperatures and strong winds.


While climbing all the way up, I saw Yogi bear! Hahaha! The bears would perform for treats purchased by tourists. I felt sorry for the bears and wished I could take them all home.

As we walked closer, the revelation of what actually constituted a trolley ride greeted us. Our tour guide said that it was a Toboggan car. It is more like a series of trolleys on rails, sort of like a roller coaster, that bring you down from the top of the wall.



In all fairness, the trolley ride got me even more excited because you can control the speed of the car yourself! Such a nice alternative to hiking/walking.



And Lo! we have arrived!


Words and pictures can’t describe the beauty of the walls as it stretches on as far as you can see, it has to be seen to be really appreciated. It’s majestic and powerful and makes necessary saying the word “wow” without meaning to an unnecessary number of times.


I was like… “Delz! Take a picture of me quickly! My zygomaticus muscle is not cooperating with me anymore.” For those who aren’t in the medical field, the zygomaticus muscle is responsible for controlling your facial expression especially when you smile. Hihi. At least, you learned something today! But At last! Standing and seeing an ancient and most preserved wonder of the world! It felt great and good to be witnessing something extraordinary. I took lots of pictures and videos, and for some reason started thinking about life. It really does amaze you once you are up there in the mountains and seeing something powerful, its beauty at its best.


Okay.. The girl failed to include the Great Wall from the back. Hahaha!

This is a tip for you who loves to hike in the Great Wall. The best season for the Great Wall hike falls between March and November. I repeat somewhere in between March and November. But if you plan to do the hike in winter, I suggest you check the weather report.

Our Winter Great Wall Hike was a bit challenging mainly due to the frozen weather! It was really freezing that my parents and 3 sisters went back to the bus (where there is a heater) after spending less than 15 minutes in the area since they weren’t able to bear the cold any longer. I pitied my lilttle sister when we found out that she was only wearing 1 layer of sock. Gah! That must’ve been so cold.


It was just me and my 3 sisters who survived the cold! And tbh, I was already feeling the pain and discomfort both in my feet and hands that time. It was ice cold! Again, I tried tolerating the temperature since this visit was just a once in a lifetime experience. Haha. Thank God I didn’t end up having frostbites.


But no matter how cold it is in Beijing, all the five officially opened sections of the Great Wall were open to the public. In reality, I didn’t know that the place has lots of entrance. Hahaha! I thought it has only one entrance and one exit. I used to see pictures in the internet and on TV but never really thought about the gates. Anyway, if you ask which gate we entered, it was in Mutianyu.


It was freezing cold that our faces were super duper numb and we didn’t even notice that our noses were already running like a faucet due to the cold weather. Hahaha!


I was breath-taken and speechless. Maybe the right words to describe me was “awe-struck” or more than that. I was just very happy that God gave us the best Christmas gift! Seeing this with my naked eye.


After spending our time taking pictures and videos at the wall, we bought souvenirs downstairs for a cheap purchase (you have to learn to haggle) and went back to the tour bus by riding…


…the Toboggan car or should I say, trolley ride! 😀


I’m loving this ride swooping me down from the high mountains. COOL RIDE EXPERIENCE!


Taking pictures at the snow before riding back to the tour bus. I hope you understand why I feel the need to have pictures with the snow. You know, first timers. Haha!


 Back to the city of Beijing! Everyone was busy preparing for Christmas eve. Meanwhile, my family and I are stuck in the heavy traffic. However, we decided to eat dinner together and eat pecking duck then get back to our hotel and spend Christmas eve together.

Soo.. This is the last official installment in my visiting Beijing-China series. Haha! For now, I say “xie xie” – thank you! Thanks to all of you who have been following and visiting this series. I’ve really enjoyed reliving my journey here!

Hoping I could tour you again to our next journey!

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