Beijing, China Part 2


Day 2: (-10 Degrees Celsius)

The last day of our 3-day trip in Beijing was continuing our city tour and visiting the most awaited Great Wall of China. Not bad for saving the best for the last!


Here’s a picture of myself early in the morning tryin’ to expose my skin outside the -10 degree celsius temperature. My objective was to be able to get use of the cold since we will be visiting the Great Wall after the city tour and it surely is freezing above the mountains. They said here in the city would be -10 degrees but above would change to -15 degrees or more. Wow! That’s too cold!




Matching winter outfits with my twin sissy, all bundled up!


Taking pictures with our elder sister.

Ming Dynasty Tombs 

This is considered to be one of the places that you should be visiting in Beijing! Ming Dynasty Tombs is where the Emperors were buried but no one actually knows where the location is. Maybe the people who buried them but it’s already centuries ago so no one really knew it.



Inside is a museum of the Jade collection of the Empress and the Emperor. All of their accessories and things were made of Jade. Isn’t it amazing that they managed to preserve those things?


This one’s a beaut! The Empress’ Head Dress.


That’s the statue of the Emperor and below are a pile of money. Have noticed something different in the picture above?IMG_7930

 Yhup! You got it right! Someone threw a 20 peso bill. Hahaha! I’m not sure if it was my dad but this totally made me laugh.




Jade Factory and Museum

When people think of the Jade they think of Asia. Since Jade is popular in China it would be unwise to take a China Tour without visiting a Jade factory. Jade is the most important gemstone in China.


Once we arrived. We were welcomed by the Chinese Host who met us at the huge tough-looking gigantic sculpture made of Jade.


Bai Yu, which means white jade, is considered the most expensive of Jade. Sorry for the blurred photo. Hahaha


We entered the Jade Factory & saw Displays made of Jade.


We left the factory with a souvenir as a remembrance!

Acupuncture store

Next stop is a store where they informed us the benefits of Acupuncture. Scary, right? They’d lead you to a room where someone would explain to you the benefits of Acupuncture and types of massages.


I’m sure we weren’t really paying attention to the host because neither of us is really interested in having to experience needles placed in our skin. Hahaha! Meet my handsome father! 🙂


 We left at the store shortly after for our next most memorable destination – guess where would that be?!

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