Mantigue Island Nature Park


One of the favorite destination of many tourists (whether local or foreign travelers) nowadays is Camiguin. This beautiful island features a wide array of amazing spots to visit and to explore.

But Mantigue Island is one of my favorite places in Camiguin. A panoramic view of the island of Camiguin from this sandbar is simply the most photogenic scenery that you could imagine. This small island is best visited during early in the morning.

If you’re ever tired of frolicking in the water, you can roam around the island bare-footed and you’d surely notice the fine white sand of the island. It shimmers in sunlight and feels soft to the skin. There are wooden tables and benches built under the shade of pandan trees ideal for picnics and cooling off from the heat of the sun.

When you’re in the province of Camiguin, don’t miss your chance to experience the perfect coastline of powdery-white coral sands! The Island obviously took my breath away. Well, not literally.

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