The Girl in the Coffee Shop

I went inside the coffee shop to buy a cup of coffee to warm me up. To my surprise, the shop was jam-packed. So I began to look for a vacant chair and table. I searched from the leftmost side and to the right to find a girl sitting alone. I was really bothered to see her studying alone with two vacant chairs. Just as when I was about to complain, the barista whispered saying, “She has always been studying here at that round table, big books open, scattered around and stacked atop each other.” I was mad. Super mad.

I was about to approach her to ask if I could sit with her but the old lady at the other side began to stand to leave her table. Yes! Just about time. Thanks Old lady for the seat.

I finally toted my laptop to the coffee shop to make some headway on my novel. I bought a double espresso, sat down, flipped the screen up and discovered I hadn’t charged the friggin’ battery. So I sat there for a while, sipping idly and occasionally tapping the “ON” button as if that might make some sort of difference. When my eyes began to straight right through the border of my laptop, I began to look at the girl. She was laughing while reading her book or was it because she was enjoying the music from her earphones? I was certainly disgusted to find out that I was kind of enjoying the sight of this girl reading and enjoying her drink. Dude, better focus.


Okay. I can’t focus. To pass time, I tried figuring out what book she was reading by heading to the comfort room. I passed by and found out that she was a medical student. Mmm. I see determination radiated from her.

Hours passed by. The whole time I was writing my novel with a pen I was also trying to find a way to talk to her or at least say Hello to her but I never wanted to look like a creep. Ha! It’s 10:00 o’clock in the evening and I had never been so productive. Wait, she’s leaving. No. Don’t leave yet. Wait! Why can’t I just talk to her? Darn, I just lost her. It’s moments like this that i wish I could rewind the time that I messed up. I didn’t even say Hello at her. I didn’t even catch her name or better yet get her number. She did look right at me. Smiled and walked away through that door.

It wasn’t over for me so I went back to the coffee shop the next day to wait for her. I ordered 3 different kinds of coffee drinks just to wait until the evening but she didn’t show up. I went back the next day and I still didn’t see her there. Just the smell of the Iced Caramel Macciato in the air sitting down. I just can’t believe that I blew the chance that I had.

Am I falling in love with the girl at the coffee shop? I don’t know her name but it’s her that I am always thinking of. Never would I have guessed that I’d fall for a stranger. Never thought that I’d fall in love with the girl at the coffee shop. With my desperation, I can’t believe I even asked an old man about her. I can’t believe I sounded like stalker or am I really a stalker?

*Tink* I heard the bell over the door tinkling. Then and there I saw her for the first time with her uniform. Beauty walked right in front of me with a book on her hand as she went to the cash register. “One Vanilla Bean Frappucino with Caramel, please.”

This is my chance. There’s no turning back. I approached the cash register looking at the book she was holding. It wasn’t a medical book but it says Do it. Wow. Thanks buddy for inspiring me to do this. Here we go.

“Excuse me, Miss. My Name is Derek. I’ll get the same thing but first make the girl’s drink a venti.” #SuperTheMoves

Sorry for the random story. Haha!

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