Spotted: A Mermaid


I watch her in astonishment; sitting gracefully beside the clear waters while the sun starts to set and the sky paints a beautiful colour of tangerine. Her hair was purely dark brown just enough to cover her back and waist. She looked at me with those pretty dark green eyes then dived in the water as her beautiful shiny scales moved the way under the sea.

Quite an imagination, huh. Unfortunately, I don’t believe in mermaids but somehow I do think of myself as one. Well, partly. I may not have the tail that glows. I may not have those gills (they do have one, right? I don’t know. Haha) I may not have blue, green or hazel eyes but I’m sure I’m one beautiful lass. Hahaha!

Seriously, I really feel like I’m a mermaid especially when I am swimming. It really feels great to able to swim all day in the sea and to not care how tan I’ll turn out. To explore what’s under the sea, to see God’s beautiful creation of fauna and flora underneath. I love everything about the sea and how I can play and swim with the fishes. It’s purely a one fun experience into another world!

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